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7 Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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7 Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, commonly known as (CBT), If you have a drug use problem or any mental condition, you may take benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy program. It is a popular evidence-based therapy commonly used to treat substance use disorders and other mental illnesses.

Being evidence-based means that CBT has been clinically demonstrated to work. Unlike more traditional therapies, which rely on the therapist-patient relationship and try to explore past experiences that influence behavior, cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on how modifying current thinking leads to behavior.

DeLand Treatment Solutions offers a variety of treatments, including cognitive-behavioral therapy. To find out if you or your loved one would benefit from CBT and how we use it as part of a complete, tailored treatment strategy, call us at (386) 866-8689 today.

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on the premise that thoughts, feelings, and actions are all interconnected, and a person’s thinking rather than external events or experiences determines their behavior. CBT seeks to teach people how to identify and change negative or unhealthy thinking patterns that can lead to unpleasant emotions and dangerous actions such as substance abuse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work


Unlike many other psychological treatments, substantial empirical data suggests that cognitive-behavioral therapy processes achieve change and do so very rapidly. This is the primary reason why CBT is so widely used in addiction and mental health treatment programs. At DeLand Treatment Solutions, clients work one-on-one with our highly experienced therapists in a cognitive-behavioral treatment program for a set number of sessions, using approaches such as:

  • Cognitive Restructuring, Or Reframing
  • Guided Exploration And Self-observation
  • Exposure Therapy And Journaling.
  • Relaxation And Stress Reduction
  • Problem-Solving Abilities And Coping Strategies
  • Role Playing

Whether you’re recovering from a substance use problem, mental illness, or a co-occurring condition, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can provide you with strategies for working through situations to avoid bad outcomes.

Who Can Benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

At DeLand Treatment Solutions, we understand that cognitive-behavioral therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach and may not be appropriate for everyone. During our comprehensive intake process, our staff will decide whether CBT is an acceptable aspect of your therapy. CBT is beneficial and is widely used to treat a variety of problems, including:

If the cognitive-behavioral therapy program is part of your overall treatment plan at DeLand Treatment Solutions, our staff will help you develop and apply problem-solving skills that will enable you to cope with life’s obstacles during and after treatment.

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a widely used form of psychotherapy known for its effectiveness in treating various mental health concerns and promoting overall well-being. Here are seven key benefits of CBT:


7 Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT)

Because cognitive behavioral therapy is so goal-oriented, our therapists collaborate extensively with clients to help them set specific goals. This customer-centric approach helps people take control of their lives. Among the numerous benefits of CBT therapy, you will be able to:

  • Learn to recognize harmful thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns.
  • Learn to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in healthy ways.
  • Create new behaviors to replace negative behaviors.
  • Deal with grief, loss, and trauma.
  • Develop coping skills for everyday challenges
  • Focuses on the present and future
  • Evidence-based and research-supported

It’s important to remember that CBT is a challenging fix. It requires active participation and collaboration between the therapist and the individual. However, the potential benefits are numerous and long-lasting, making it a valuable tool for improving mental health and overall well-being.

If you’re considering CBT, it’s important to find a qualified therapist specializing in this approach and can tailor the treatment to your specific needs and goals.

Examples of CBT in Action

To better understand how cognitive-behavioral therapy works, consider the following examples of specific scenarios where a CBT approach can be used:

A person with anxiety problems who is afraid of public speaking will be trained on relaxation and exposure strategies to help them control their anxiety and ultimately conquer their phobia.

Someone suffering from depression can learn to reframe negative thoughts about themselves and their talents and replace them with more optimistic and realistic self-talk.

A person undergoing drug addiction treatment can learn coping methods as well as relapse prevention strategies to manage cravings and triggers.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an empirically supported treatment that is useful for a variety of mental health conditions, including drug use disorders. At DeLand Treatment Solutions, our skilled therapists combine CBT with additional evidence-based treatments to provide a complete and tailored treatment plan for each client.

Find the Cognitive-behavioral Therapy you need in DeLand Treatment Solutions

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a well-proven and successful method for treating various mental illnesses and drug abuse difficulties. DeLand Treatment Solutions‘ cognitive-behavioral therapy approach is designed to complement other treatments in our inpatient and outpatient programs, allowing you or your loved one to be successful during and after treatment. Change your future today. To begin your journey to lifelong wellness, fill out our online form or call (386) 866-8689.

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