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DeLand Treatment Solutions aims to offer optimum care for patients who are struggling with substance abuse disorders. The goal of our organization is to provide individualized services that promote sustained recovery from substance use disorders and mental health problems. As we are the leading drug rehab and mental health center with almost a decade of experience in the industry, we value treatment and care services.

Importance of Aftercare in Recovery

Aftercare programs are essential in the process of rehabilitation, as they are provided after the client completes a primary program. These programs assist people to remain sober, and healthy, which requires the framework that will prevent such patients from relapsing. Research has demonstrated that those who participate fully in aftercare programs stand higher chances of maintaining their sobriety and happy lives.

Goals of the Aftercare Program

Maintenance of Sobriety and mental health

The aftercare program focuses on continuity or the maintenance of the sobriety and mental health of the clients. Our ongoing service and resources help people become steady in healthy habits and do not allow for a slip back to the bad life path.

Enhancing Life Skills

The patient needs to build good coping strategies and personal relations for a more lasting recovery. Included in our training plan are strategies for handling such day-to-day hardships and establishing good relationships with our clients.

Providing Continuous Support

In particular, the emphasis should be made on one’s emotional and psychological assistance during the recovery process. All our clients have controlled and convenient access to a peer support system and follow-up aftercare services to make them feel they are never alone.

Structure of the Aftercare Program

Personalized Aftercare Plans

Aftercare is customized for every client and he/she is prescribed a program that best fits him/her. The kind of support to be provided under this plan will be made in consultation and where necessary, evaluated such that the support meets the intended goal for each of the patients.

Phased Approach

Our aftercare support depends on the specific kind of treatment offered. For instance, if a patient undergoes psychotherapy, aftercare will include weekly sessions after the initial session, then monthly sessions at the end of four weeks, and follow-up every three months. This progressive structure facilitates clients to make suitable adjustments in every stage of the recovery process.

Aftercare Program and Its Components

Counseling and Therapy

To begin with, we provide different forms of therapeutic services, which may include: individual therapy, group therapy, and even family therapy. These services help the clients to understand well how they feel, areas where they get to learn skills for handling stress, and areas where they work towards getting their relationships back on track.

Medication Management

Those clients who need to take some medications, continue being prescribed and are checked up by our doctors regularly for them to ensure their medication is working as expected and can be changed if needs be.

Support Groups

Peer support is one of the most notable features of recovery – feeling connected to others provides such value. We offers support groups where people with similar experiences share their experiences.

Educational Workshops

Education is one of the primary aspects of the care that we offer as an aftercare program. Our services include educational programs and counseling forums with an emphasis on relapse prevention, workplace and life skills, stress release, and information about addictions and mental health. These sessions provided clients with the requisite knowledge and resources that they can utilize to thrive in society.

Sober Living Arrangements

Considering the necessity many individuals require ordering sober living homes or transitional housing services. These arrangements function as a supportive community following therapy, in addition to providing a secure context for practicing new behaviors.

Alumni Programs

The alumni programs are the follow-up programs aimed at helping more individuals accept themselves and stay connected with others after their treatment. Such programs provide peer fellowship, anonymity, and role-modeling support for those struggling in the early days of recovery after completing treatment.

Activities and Services

Some of them include face-to-face meetings, peer meetings, alumni engagement in meeting alumni, and alumni mentors among others. Such activities help in the creation of this spirit as well as support for the continuance of the community.

Benefits of the Aftercare Program

  • Creating a Secure Environment – In our aftercare services, patients can adequately deal with their mental health conditions and feel secure in their recovery.
  • Encouraging Individual Development – From the therapy and counseling point of view, clients reclaim ‘self-identification’, ‘relationship management’, and ‘self-realization’.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility – The aftercare program can address specific needs and offers a wide range of accessible resources and support.

Contact DeLand Treatment Solutions and Start Recovery

The first step before enrollment is a consultation and then all legal documents and all the formalities that may be required. The process is gradual to allow the client to be eased into the program under the guidance of professionals.

Benefits of the Aftercare Program

So why not start today and begin to move towards change? To learn more about it or join our aftercare services, kindly call us at (386) 866-8689 or visit the DeLand Treatment Solutions office. Welcome to the place where the path to good health and good life starts.


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